An inline deep learning based free-breathing ECG-free cine for exercise cardiovascular magnetic resonance


Exercise cardiovascular magnetic resonance (Ex-CMR) is a promising stress imaging test for coronary artery disease (CAD). However, Ex-CMR requires accelerated imaging techniques that result in significant aliasing artifacts. Our goal was to develop and evaluate a free-breathing and electrocardiogram (ECG)-free real-time cine with deep learning (DL)-based radial acceleration for Ex-CMR. A 3D (2D + time) convolutional neural network was implemented to suppress artifacts from aliased radial cine images. The network was trained using synthetic real-time radial cine images simulated using breath-hold, ECG-gated segmented Cartesian k-space data acquired at 3 T from 503 patients at rest. A prototype real-time radial sequence with acceleration rate = 12 was used to collect images with inline DL reconstruction. Performance was evaluated in 8 healthy subjects in whom only rest images were collected.

In Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
Salah Assana
Salah Assana
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I am a Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare enthusiast with a background in machine learning, signal processing and medical imaging.