An Explainable Machine Learning Approach Reveals Prognostic Significance of Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy


Myocardial perfusion assessment using cardiac MRI allows non-invasive asseessmnet of myocardial ischmia. In myocardial perfusion sequence, imaging is collected after a saturation pulse. An alternative approach based on stready-state imaging with radial sampling has been recently proposed. However, image reconstruction using compressed sensing in steady-state myocardial perfusion remains long and clinically not feasible. In this study, we sought to develop a deep learning-based image recosntruciton platform for myocardial perfusion imaging.

In International Society for Magnetic Resonance
Salah Assana
Salah Assana
Research Assistant

My research interests include signal processing, cardiology and artificial intelligence.